Lifeblood Process

After a hectic beginning to the year and an international relocation, today I finished my first work of 2019.

Lifeblood, was completed today in my beautiful new home/studio in Guadalajara. I am feeling inspired by this work and my newest collection to follow that will bring new techniques and ideas I’ve been dreaming about to life!

I would like to share some images of the creation time for this work, from sketch to realization.
Thank you for reading!



Marcela and I have created a piece as part of the Wild Woman Collection especially for a collaborative show in Ciudad de México this weekend. Joining brilliant designers Sandra Cepeda and Nabyl Zarina, we have come together in the honor and inspiration of the Angel de Independencia, a monument to the Mexican War of Independence and an integral part of the capital city she watches over.

This angel as a subject spoke deeply to us as artists, and to the Wild Woman narrative unraveling before us. Her laurel crown, representing victory, strength and intellect can be seen seemingly alive and growing within the nineteenth century military inspired jacket. The leaves, like badges of honor, adorn the piece and bring a new depth of texture to the collection. The elegantly draped sleeve, conceived by Marcela, recalls the unearthly nature of the garment worn by our angel muse.

This piece is named Leona after Leona Vicario. La Heroina de la Independencia, she dedicated her life and personal fortune to leading insurgent forces by providing life saving information and aid. Leona’s remains, along with those of 13 other heroes of the Mexican Independence are buried within the mausoleum at the base of the monument. Leona, described as the “Beloved Mother of the Homeland,” was in every way a WILD WOMAN.


Wild Woman Collection Feature

Travel Portland Magazine has recently featured the Wild Woman Collection in an article by Eden Dawn, focusing on the voice and vision of our groundbreaking collaboration.
Details of the tour and the international reach of this project are still unfolding. We are very excited to share this look inside the line!

Every element of the collection — from the years-long timeline to working with a cross-country partner to a zero-profit model — goes against fashion industry norm. But Dyer says that for her, the message is the most important part. It all goes back to her thoughts during that protest march in January 2017: “We want to say that there are no walls, that diversity is powerful. That we all have this power to be strong and creative — the things women are.”

Looking back at install day with FORVLL Art Collective

I stumbled upon this photo from install day back in May for a show with the art collective FORVLL.
Preparing to hang, my pieces lay on the ground of a vacant industrial building on the Yonkers Waterfront that was transformed into a beautiful gallery space.
This was my second year participating in this show. I am very grateful to have had such a positive experience and interaction with the artistic community of Yonkers.

YAW install day


Cotton thread, wool felt, acrylic

This piece, Anna, speaks to the deeply harbored pain of intimate abuse. The figure remains in darkness with only a crack of light illuminating her face, seemingly from a door to a room which she remains inside.

This work was done freehand on my machine, without any preliminary sketching or composition. I feel this work deeply and see the slightly distorted proportions of the face to illustrate the disfiguring realities of this pain.

Anna, close up .jpg
Anna, 2018.jpg

Hayley's Madonna

This piece was commissioned for a woman whom to me is the embodiment of a mother. A nurturer and creator, she has given a home, a family and unconditional love to young women from all over the world, including myself.
During my time in Australia she gave me advice that I’ll never forget and told me to follow my art wherever it takes me.
I feel honored to create this piece for her, and I cannot wait to see it hanging in her home one day when I return to visit. 

Hand details: Sneak Peek

I think the garment I am most excited to see finished is our faux fur coat. In between lines of thick white fur will be sixteen of these intricately stitched hands. 
I am very happy with the line work of these. Here are two pairs in progress. More details to be revealed later! 

This surreal combination of delicate hands and fur will be a striking and possibly a little frightening look. Looking forward to the runway!

hands embracing in progress
hands in progress


I will be showing this weekend, May 6-7 as part of the Yonkers Arts Weekend. The gallery is located at 86 Main Street, Yonkers, New York, on the 5th floor and open from 12-6pm both days.

I am showing my work through the artist platform Forvll -

In a collaboration with some amazing New York artists, Forvll has curated a beautiful show for this weekend. The reception will be tomorrow, Saturday, from 3-6 pm. 

Please come by and see the show!