Marcela and I have created a piece as part of the Wild Woman Collection especially for a collaborative show in Ciudad de México this weekend. Joining brilliant designers Sandra Cepeda and Nabyl Zarina, we have come together in the honor and inspiration of the Angel de Independencia, a monument to the Mexican War of Independence and an integral part of the capital city she watches over.

This angel as a subject spoke deeply to us as artists, and to the Wild Woman narrative unraveling before us. Her laurel crown, representing victory, strength and intellect can be seen seemingly alive and growing within the nineteenth century military inspired jacket. The leaves, like badges of honor, adorn the piece and bring a new depth of texture to the collection. The elegantly draped sleeve, conceived by Marcela, recalls the unearthly nature of the garment worn by our angel muse.

This piece is named Leona after Leona Vicario. La Heroina de la Independencia, she dedicated her life and personal fortune to leading insurgent forces by providing life saving information and aid. Leona’s remains, along with those of 13 other heroes of the Mexican Independence are buried within the mausoleum at the base of the monument. Leona, described as the “Beloved Mother of the Homeland,” was in every way a WILD WOMAN.